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OpenCart Support Packages

If your mind is brimming with innovative ideas, enhancements, and fresh features for your website, and your to-do list seems endless, our monthly support packages could be your financial lifesaver.

OpenCart Support Packages

As your premier OpenCart partners based, our pledge is to provide top-tier services, guaranteeing flawless operation for your online store. Join forces with us to secure a steadfast OpenCart ally at your service! Here’s the breakdown:

Effortless Support

Foresee your required hours upfront, with the flexibility to tweak as needed. Set up a seamless monthly payment, and our seasoned team stands primed to swiftly handle your requests and resolve any challenges on the fly. We encourage clients to perceive the retainer as a dynamic pact, steering clear of rigid commitments. Our aim? Nurturing an enduring alliance grounded in mutual trust and unwavering assistance.

Clear-Cut Time Monitoring

Our committed team employs cutting-edge time management tools, guaranteeing utmost transparency in tracking tasks accomplished within the designated timeframe. Stay in the loop regarding completed tasks and keep tabs on your remaining hours each month. We prioritize communication, ensuring you’re always abreast of your usage, empowering you to make well-informed decisions

Economical Pricing

Choosing our retainer offers you more than just skipping the tedious estimating and contingency fees. You’ll also enjoy discounted hourly rates, enhancing your value while simplifying your support journey. If you need extra assistance beyond your monthly package, we seamlessly transition to our standard hourly rate of $25+VAT. Flexibility is paramount to adapting to your changing requirements.

Support Packages Available

Hourly rate
Monthly Cost
3 Hours
5 Hours
10 Hours
15 Hours
20 Hours
30 Hours
40 Hours
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